A Boathouse Without Walls.

Whether you are a first time novice or an experienced rower
in need of specialized attention, BLJ Community Rowing can provide the instruction you are looking for.

Beginners learn all aspects of sculling (sweeping—coming soon). In depth instruction includes a breakdown of the stroke, how to get in and out of the boat, the rules of the river and the many technical aspects of the sport in an easy-to-understand way.

More advanced students focus on technique and building fitness, with special attention paid to growing the abilities of each rower.

Group coaching includes rowers of varying levels of experience placed together in boats to encourage growth in each rower individually and to enhance their performance as a team. Form and technique are continuously assessed and feedback is provided to help each athlete progress at their own pace.

For rowers interested in competing, individual coaching can help them prepare for the many regattas held in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

We are a community of people who work hard to promote the sport of rowing and who act as stewards of the Schuylkill River— all while having fun!

BLJ Community Rowing embraces rowers of all skill levels, from every walk of life. Access to the river — for all — is our guiding principle!

BLJ Community Rowing, LLC is a member supported athletic organization. Financial donations of all kinds are gratefully used towards the upkeep of boats and facility fees. Help us continue to grow our program and class offerings!